Zuzanna Bukala

I am an all-round designer who loves to create beautiful and functional things. I have a broad experience in many different fields of design – from toys and children’s books to animation, 3D design, graphics and branding.

In 2011 I have opened my own studio – Melo Design, where I have developed my own ideas for toys, children’s books and games. The main impulse to start Melo was an award from “Idea for business” competition organised by Polish newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza” and Raiffeisen Bank, for development of interactive toy Bajka Dolls.

Apart from Melo Design projects I have been freelancing for different clients from Poland and the UK and established some great long term relationships with Philharmonic in Szczecin and Tigerprint.

Above all I genuinely love my work and I am really excited to take on new challenges, so please do not hesitate to get in touch!


Playing is a very important aspect of our lives. Especially for children, as it not only brings them joy and relaxation, but also provides many new experiences, stimulates their imagination and develops their talents. That is why I create products, that engage children in creative play that will make their eyes spark with curiosity and excitement.

Toys educate not only by their content, but also by their design – appearance, materials and durability. They are the first artifacts of the material world that the little ones use, therefore my intention is to create true and sincere products – using natural materials: wood, cardboard, paper – and producing durable and timeless design.


My second passion is graphic design, which proves to be
a great complement to the 3D projects.

Graphic design, in it’s essence, means a clear and legible communication. From a poster to a logo or a website – projects made in Melo Design use all the means to best reflect the nature of a product, the profile of a company or the atmosphere of an event.


What I love the most in design is a freedom to experiment. That’s why I’m building a prototyping workshop, where I can create, test and play with many different ideas.